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Delicious, Luxurious Condiments

In many of us, there has always been a strong longing for great food and on many occasions, it's the want to experience something different, luxurious, and satisfying.   This story is not an elaborate tale that began with the heritage of my great grandparent leaving a farm to me and carried on down through the family, but more a realised dream working its way out of creative expression and a love of food. The passion for family and food, using what you have, inventing and experimenting with something new, while enjoying the comfort of what you know and love is how this was made.


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The Exclusives

These exquisite, elegant, and delectable jams have been created as a new level in jams.

handmade for your enjoyment, a maximum of 250 of these jams will be made.

Unviled in summer 2022

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Winnie's PO Box 682, Abingdon,

Oxfordshire, UK

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