In The Beginning...

Winnie’s Original was started with a passion for providing food of superior quality, creativity, and taste.  We didn’t want to create is another run of the mill product that fits what’s considered ‘good’ for the ‘average’ person, but to instead craft extraordinary condiments for those who really want more extravagance in their food!  We’d be bold enough to say, in the process of creation, we have intentionally considered the cost it takes to make our products and then promptly forgot it, focusing on what our products are meant for.  The finest level of consumption!


Our Principles:

Integrity – In everything we do. 

Quality – In every product made.

Creativity – To invigorate your taste buds!

To produce a bit of unequalled luxury for your everyday!


We expect to grow our exciting product line very soon and hope it will capture your taste buds and accompany your marvellous soirees, fabulous dinner parties, and fantastic events for years to come!


Hi, my name is Don.  I was 20 years old and lucky enough to meet my grandparents for the first and sadly, last time.  As a child, I never had the opportunity to travel to the Caribbean so I never really experienced the lifestyle besides what my parents had shown me living in London.  Clara and Herbert were 82 and 86 at the time and lived on the side of what was essentially a small gulley (valley) in St Andrew, Jamaica.  It had stone stairs curving down from the main road into their front garden and in hindsight, the garden gave me my first clue of what I was about to experience!  Herbs and spices, medicinal plants, multiple vegetable patches, and fruit trees in abundance!  Even breadfruit growing in trees dotted around the small property.  It was just incredible walking through the garden, seeing there were so many delicious things, my mouth began to water! Oh and I forgot to say when they (Grandma and Grandad) greeted me they ran up the stairs like they 20 years old! Quite a feat in your 80’s! Anyway, my grandpa walked ahead, shouting "come in and eat" while my grandma had other ideas!  With a strong grip on my arm, showed me all the different things they were growing with great enthusiasm and explaining what each one was good for and what you’d eat with them!  As we got to the house, grandma ushered me in through the main door, around past the front room, into the kitchen.  It was a bit dark, as they had no light in the hall, so I kind of fumbled my way into the kitchen, where my grandpa was standing at the table.  Ooh the table….. Heavens above..... WOW!  The food and smell was out of this world! My taste buds were alight and I hadn’t eaten anything yet!  Grandpa prayed, blessing the food, as was tradition being a pastor in the local church, then said “eat-up!”, he didn't have to tell me twice!


I now understand where my mother (Winnie) gets her cooking talent from and it would be my pleasure to share what mummy has shown me, adding my own unique twist to these flavours, and other from around the world with you!  Welcome to Winnie’s Original!